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Bayswater Remotes
  • Toyota (look alike) Fixed Blade Remote Key
  • Suzuki (look alike) Fixed Blade Remote Key
  • Fiat (look alike) Flip Key
  • BMW (look alike) Smart & Proximity Key
  • Toyota (generic) Transponder Key
  • Mercedes-Benz (look alike) Smart & Proximity Key
  • Generic 4 Button Flip Key
  • Toyota (genuine) Transponder Key
  • Toyota (Genuine) Smart & Proximity Key
  • Generic 3 Button Flip Key

Bayswater Remotes

Quality Key & Remotes Solutions in Townsville

Repairs – Duplication – Replacements

Bayswater Remotes

Expert Key and Remote Services in Townsville

Bayswater Remotes is based in Townsville, North Queensland and provides quality key and remote services. Bayswater Remotes is known for delivering the highest standard of workmanship available. With over 20 years’ experience, we specialise in duplications, replacements and repairs on all household, car, motorbike, and lock keys as well as, garage gates, and vehicle remotes. Ken is the owner and operator of Bayswater Remotes, and he provides a high quality, reliable and friendly service that you can count on. At Bayswater Remotes, our goal is to provide you with a prompt and professional service of the highest quality, that won’t cost you an arm and leg.

Do you have any questions about our services or want to learn more about our business? Contact Ken today on 0408 721 033 for more information.

Full-service Key and Remote Solutions in Townsville

Do you need a remote replacement, but you’re worried it’s going to cost a small fortune? Cost is the main reason that people decide to leave their remotes until they’re not fixable and an entire new remote is needed. At Bayswater Remotes, we are leading the change to lower and more sensible pricing for vehicle, garage, and gate remotes. If you have a remote to copy, we can halve the price of the replacement! But don’t worry, if you have no spare remotes and you need a full replacement, we can help with that too!

Bayswater Remotes is your one-stop expert solution for all your residential, automotive, and commercial key and remote needs. We offer only the best and most reliable products available on the market, guaranteeing complete peace of mind. With vast experience and in-depth knowledge, we guarantee that the job is done right, the very first time. At Bayswater Remotes, we offer warranty on workmanship and materials for all remotes and keys we work on.

Bayswater Remotes

Our Services

We use keys and remotes for everyday security and convenience, however, in our digital world, technology advancements can make it hard to repair, duplicate or replace them. Bayswater Remotes has the knowledge and quality equipment to repair or create a spare key or remote for your vehicle, garage, gate or house at an affordable price. We use JMA as our key and remote supplier, as they hold a pre-eminent position within the global industry, offering a wide range of quality products.

Key Cutting, Replacements, and Repairs

At Bayswater Remotes, we can provide the best service possible for any lock and key replacements, cutting and security requirements. Keys can get misplaced, lost, stolen or can even break, so when this happens, you need to get them replaced professionally and efficiently.

We offer key cutting, replacements, and repairs on the following:

Household & lock keys, Older car keys, Motorbike keys
  • Household & lock keys
  • Older car keys
  • Motorbike keys
Key Cutting, Replacements, and Repairs

Remote Duplication, Replacements, and Repairs

Losing your remote can be stressful and replacing it often costly. At Bayswater Remotes, we aim to reduce both stress and expense. If you can provide a remote for copying, we'll halve the replacement cost! Don't wait for a loss—bring your remote to us for repair, duplication, or a battery replacement today.

We service the following remotes:

Garage & gate remotes, Vehicle remotes, Motorbikes & light truck remotes
  • Garage & gate remotes
  • Vehicle remotes
  • Motorbikes & light truck remotes
Remote Duplication, Replacements, and Repairs

Troubleshooting Diagnostics For Vehicles

If you're experiencing vehicle performance issues or need reliable diagnostic services, Bayswater Remotes & Keys is your go-to solution. Utilising the sophisticated MaxiIM IM608 PRO, we cater to owners of US, Asian, and European vehicles seeking top-tier diagnostic assessments and solutions. 

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Experience expert diagnostics and bespoke key programming solutions with Bayswater Remotes & Keys.

Experience expert diagnostics and bespoke key programming solutions with Bayswater Remotes & Keys.

Remote Duplication, Replacements, and Repairs

Townsville RFID Card & FOB Duplication

Need an extra RFID key FOB or swipe card? At Bayswater Remotes in Townsville, we offer expert RFID duplication and programming services that are fast, reliable, and secure. Whether it's for managing office access or accommodating Airbnb guests, our services ensure you have the spare keys you need without hassle.

RFID Products We Supply

125KHz RFID Badge, 13.56MHz RFID Badge, 125KHz Black Card, 13.56MHz RFID Blue Card
  • 125KHz Black RFID Badge
  • 13.56MHz Blue RFID Badge
  • 125KHz Black Card
  • 13.56MHz RFID Blue Card
Remote Duplication, Replacements, and Repairs

How can Bayswater Remotes help you?

If you need keys cut or replaced quickly, efficiently, and affordably, Bayswater Remotes is here to lend you a hand. From our workshop in Townsville, we cut keys in a short timeframe in order to offer our customers the most convenient solution possible. Whether you need spare keys or remotes replaced, or repaired, we’re here to make sure it’s as simple and affordable as possible. Bayswater Remotes has a wide range of car key blanks and can program car transponders for you with ease. We use the latest equipment possible to ensure that our cuts are highly precise and performed as quickly as possible.

We also offer accessories to allow you to better manage your keys, including keychains and key tags in a variety of shapes and colours. If you’re after something specific, get in touch with us to find out if we have it or something similar in stock!

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Do you want to learn more about our key and remote services in Townsville and how Bayswater Remotes can help you? Call Ken today to get a quote or expert advice.