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About Bayswater Remotes

Bayswater Remotes is a locally owned business that provides exceptional key and remote replacements, duplication, and repair services. Ken is the owner and operator at Bayswater Remotes and has many years of experience in the field. We are based in the Townsville, Queensland, and provide comprehensive key and remote services to a range of clients.

Bayswater Remotes is your leading remote and key specialist that is paving the way to cheaper remote replacements without risking quality. We understand how stressful the thought of replacing a remote can be, especially when other players in the market are charging extreme prices.

So, if you’re contemplating getting your remote replaced, you can rest assured that Bayswater Remotes will charge a lower cost for the same great service every time.

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Why Choose Bayswater Remotes?

At Bayswater Remotes, we have invested in the latest technologies, to ensure the highest quality is retained when it comes to key replacements, cutting and programming. We conduct our business with the two core principles in mind – value and integrity. When you choose Bayswater Remotes for your key and remote services, we aim to:

  • Provide excellent value for our customers. This means that we always work towards getting the most professional job done at the best possible price. The needs of our customers always come first, and we ensure to provide fair and reasonable prices so that getting remote replacements isn’t a stressful and expensive task!
  • Conduct ourselves with absolute integrity to provide a safe, honest, and high-quality service to our customers.

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