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Remote Services at Bayswater Remotes

Losing your remote can be a very stressful moment for anyone. Our years of experience has shown us that there are countless ways to lose or damage your remotes. Generally, trying to get a replacement can also be a stressful and very expensive task if you’re not prepared. At Bayswater Remotes, we are aiming to eliminate most of the stress and cost! Not only are we are experts in replacing all types of remotes for vehicles, garages, and gates, if you have a remote to copy, we can halve the price of the replacement! So, don’t wait until your remote is lost and getting a new one is a serious hassle, bring it into Bayswater Remotes for repair, duplication or a battery replacement today. Bayswater Remotes will save you money!

Types of Remotes

There are 3 types of remotes that you can get should you need a replacement or duplication. At Bayswater Remotes, we stock the following:

  • Generic remotes

  • Aftermarket lookalike remotes
  • Genuine copy remotes

Each remote type has a different price point to suit your individual needs. Furthermore, we can provide replacement batteries for all remotes that we service.

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Our Remote Services

Garage & Gate Remotes

These days, we rely on our remotes to enable us access to many areas of our homes or businesses at all-times of the day, whether it be for electric gates, garage doors, or both. With the ongoing wear and tear these remotes undergo daily, we rely on these remotes to work when we need them most. If your gate or garage remote has been lost, damaged or you need a spare one, Bayswater Remotes can help! We provide quality service, using the best products to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Integrated Vehicle Keys and Remotes

Whether you’ve locked your keys inside the car, lost them, or have broken the key off in the ignition, you can rely on Bayswater Remotes for help. In the past, replacing car keys was a simple job of just cutting a key. However, most cars newer than 20 years are likely to have remote keyless unlocking and entry. If you lose your car key remote or flip key and don’t have a spare, your new remote needs to be coded or programmed to the car’s existing immobiliser system so it can signal to the car and unlock it. From vehicle key cutting and remote replacements, our team can provide the right solution in a prompt and efficient manner. We can produce a new key in no time so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Motorbike & Light Truck Remotes

Bayswater Remotes specialises in motorbike and light truck key remote replacement, repairs, and duplication services. Whether you need a spare remote or you have been locked out of your truck all together and urgently need to gain access, our expert team are here to help. At Bayswater Remotes, we have extensive experience with remotes for a wide variety of vehicles, doors, and gates, meaning we’re equipped to take on a wide variety of different jobs.

Do I need a Vehicle Key Remote Replacement or Duplication?

If you don’t have a spare vehicle key remote available, you will need to get a replacement key. However, if you do have a spare key on hand and just need a copy made, then you will most likely need a key duplication. Furthermore, if you have a key remote that is quite damaged, then we would need to assess whether repairs and maintenance will do the trick or if a replacement is required.

Benefits of having spare vehicle remote keys

Having a spare set of key remotes provide convenience if any of the following were to happen:

  • Car keys got stolen or lost

  • Keys got stuck in the ignition or damaged
  • Car keys snapped in the car door lock
  • Transponder chip is broken or missing
If you’re thinking of getting a replacement key remote from your vehicle dealer, it’ll probably cost you several hundred dollars. So, visit Bayswater Remotes instead for all your remote duplication, replacements, and repairs today. We will save you money and stress, so that you can get on with your life and back on the road in no time.

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