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Bayswater Remotes & Keys
Troubleshooting Diagnostics For Vehicles

Expertise with MaxiIM IM608 PRO - Your Ultimate OBD2 Diagnostics and Key Fob Programmer

At Bayswater Remotes, we can provide the best service possible for vehicle diagnostics and key programming solutions by harnessing the power of the MaxiIM IM608 PRO, an all-in-one key programming and diagnostic tool. With its Android-based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet, this tool uniquely combines advanced key programming, comprehensive system diagnostics, and specialized services to address a wide range of automotive needs.

MaxiIM IM608 PRO Diagnostics and Key Programming

Using the MaxiIM IM608 PRO, we can provide:
Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics:
  • In-depth diagnostics for over 80 US, Asian, and European makes and models
  • Advanced maintenance services including EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil reset, and BMS
Key Fob Programming and Immobilizer Services:
  • Smart Mode for guided and automated key learning
  • Expert Mode for advanced key learning techniques
  • IMMO ECU reset/adaptation, and refresh/coding